Although abortion is illegal in Texas, we understand this is an option you may choose elsewhere. We believe you should be aware of all details about your options so you can decide on the best choice for you.

Several options may be chosen for an abortion procedure. It usually depends on variables such as your pregnancy’s gestational age, medical history, and other medical factors.

Understanding all your options and giving yourself time is important. You do not want to hurry into a decision you may regret. Taking an extra moment to allow yourself time to digest the situation and discuss your options will help you create a carefully tailored plan that meets your desires and life while providing you peace of mind and confidence.

Medical Abortion

Medical abortions take place through a medication regimen. Through this regimen, the embryo is detached from the uterus and, with induced cramping, is pushed out of the body through the vagina.

Women should speak with a trusted medical professional or pregnancy center to understand how a medical abortion might impact their wellness, safety, and mental health. Many times, after a limited number of gestational weeks, a pregnancy isn’t eligible for a medical abortion.

Confirming pregnancy through a quality pregnancy test and ultrasound is an important first step to understanding what options are available to you.

Surgical Abortion

A surgical abortion occurs when an operation is used to open the uterus and remove the attached embryo manually. This is a more invasive procedure and by its nature includes more risk.

Speaking with a trusted professional or local pregnancy center can help you with the guidance you need to understand what this option entails.

Beginning with a quality pregnancy test and ultrasound can help give you answers that can provide you with all your options and more details. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for answers before an abortion; your health deserves the extra time and should always be protected.

We’ve Got Answers

Make an appointment today to find out about all your options and gain the understanding you need to make an informed decision. You deserve to make a choice with all the answers.